Ostrich Festival

Ostrich Festival

Ostrich Festival

The 30th Annual Ostrich Festival

2016 Attractions


The festival’s namesake ostrich races are a captivating and unpredictable display. Professional riders take the reins of a chariot or ride the large birds bareback around a stadium race track. This year’s races will also include camels, zebras and emus. There will be two races on Friday and three on Saturday and Sunday, totaling eight races.


A thrilling live performance filled with the most incredible motorcycle stunts and acrobatic displays. Spectators can expect nonstop action, amazing stunts, explosive music and a company of stunning artists.


Guests will have the opportunity to pet and feed stingrays while learning about the sea creatures’ natural habitats and wildlife preservation.


Two teams of four will compete in a trivia style game show to name the most popular responses to survey questions. Sign up online at ostrich.bz/gameshow


Batman and Superman will be joining the festival fun for a stage show about bullying. Guests will have the chance to meet with the superheroes for a photo opportunity after the show.


A new interactive racing game of motorized, remote controlled cars on a miniature raceway. Drivers stand behind their own steering wheel and panel to take complete control of their vehicle as they compete with other drivers in a high energy tournament among spectators. Races start every hour and are free until 8pm.


Another festival classic, this world class petting zoo will feature animals, both exotic and domestic, for a free, educational display for all ages.


Racing pigs dash down the race track to the finish line decked out in numbered racing attire. This exciting display is perfect for all audience members and incites roaring laughter and cheering for the animals.


A festival classic, Small ponies and camel rides will be offered to patrons for a nominal fee.


Between carnival rides, ostrich races and musical performances, enjoy a cold beer in the open of the Ostrich Festival beer garden. This area is open to all ages but you must be 21 or older to purchase alcoholic drinks.


Built in 1917, this historic farm bungalow landmark in Tumbleweed park operates as a representation of home and lifestyles that existed in Chandler nearly 100 years ago. The house will be open to guided tours during the Ostrich Festival.


Local favorite food truck vendors will be lined up in an alleyway of delicious noshings and comfort food.

Farrell flies "Jet," a 1.5-year-old Harris hawk, to scare birds such as black kites, crows, and bee eaters from the airfield at Manas. September 3, 2010.

This show is a festival favorite from years past, but with a twist. This attraction features a replica pirate ship and the Birdman, who will introduce the audience to an array of exotic and native birds. This show will also feature an atrium guests can walk through to get up close with the winged creatures.


Have a lizard crawl on your shoulder or a five foot python wrap around your arms. This exhibit allows guests to learn new facts and touch and hold some of these amazing reptiles that you would normally only see behind glass.


New to the Ostrich Festival, a 4,000 sq ft science, technology, engineering and mathematics exhibit featuring science based games, machines, challenges and activities for all ages.


This show is amazing and adorable entertainment. Watch as man’s best friend displays their agility and intelligence with phenomenal Frisbee tricks